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Now, this is a million dollar question! We have been asked this number of times by potential clients – and we completely understand this being a genuine concern of a business owner simply because they don’t want to overpay or be taken for a ride by a website design company.

Here are few things that you should ask when embarking on your online journey as these items decide what the final cost of website going to be.

  1. Domain Name: Every single website needs a domain name i.e. Price varies from €25-45 + VAT depending on if you want .ie or .com or other top level domains.
  2. Hosting: Best explained it’s like a rental space to hold all the files, images etc for your website and emails. It is important to have a reliable host and local to your country or business – it matters hugely to search engines. Price varies from €85-€275 a year depending on how big your website is and how much space is required.

So, Domain and Hosting is a must. Above two options will form the annual cost of running a website. Domain and hosting must be paid every year and this is standard across the board.

Now, let’s come to design, functionality, features and online payments.

Design: The more complex the design is more it will cost. It is very hard to put a price tag on design – it’s like art, can be done cheaply using ready made templates or we can get one of our hotshot designers to create a unique design for you. The final cost depends on how much money you have to spend on design, or better put; how many man hours are required to code your vision.

Functionality: A “website” can be a lot of things – it can be simply informational, it can be “Facebook”, it can be 5 pages and host an image gallery, it can be hotel booking system, it can be interactive, it can be whatever your business needs it to be! We have designed websites costing a couple of hundred euros to thousands of euros. A basic holding page can be done for as little as €295 + VAT.

Features: As with everything else, the more you will add – the more it will cost. We can develop bespoke online software, booking systems, custom workflows – nothing is impossible – it just takes time and we all know time is money!

Online Payments: It’s possible to accept online payments but your website needs to be secure. To make it secure, a website need to have a SSL Certificate installed which costs from €85 + VAT annually.

Marketing: Website marketing is an ongoing expense. We have various marketing packages for you to choose from starting from €299 + VAT a month.

Maintenance & the up-keep: It’s important to maintain a website – to keep it up to date and secure. This is an ongoing expense. As a business owner you must have website maintenance in place that will ensure security, backup and restore capability if your website is attacked or gets hacked.

In a nutshell, when thinking of getting a website developed you should set a budget, have two or three sample website links, have content and images planned that you would like to use, and have some idea on what you expect from your website. We can then proceed to work with you to tailor a solution to fit your budget and expectations!

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