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Different forms of online marketing produce varying results:

For instance, a PPC (pay per click) campaign can bring instant traffic to your website from internet adds. Examples of campaigns such as this include Google, Youtube and Facebook adds. However, such results will not last. You will see a decrease in traffic once the campaign is over.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SM (Social Media) campaigns on the other hand may take many months to materialise. In contrast to PPC, this work will translate into higher search results and a loyal brand following. These forms of marketing require continuous work and will not show instant results but in time will generate brand awareness and loyalty the likes of which PPC campaigns simply can not.

Obviously, how intense and aggressive any type of online marketing campaign is will play a part in how quickly you will see results.

To summarise, the best way to get your business out there is by using all the means at your disposal.

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