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Website ownership is just like owning anything else; be it a phone, a car, property, or a sandwich. Once you buy it, you own it. However, just as there are rules about owning everything out there, there are rules about owning a website. Think of mobile usage plans, maintenance of apartment blocks, servicing of motor vehicles… the list goes on. In each case you are the owner in question, but ownership comes at a price. If you don’t pay your phone bill you can’t call people, if no one maintains an apartment block it will collapse and if your car doesn’t get serviced it will break down.

Like the above mentioned examples, websites require constant attention in order to stay in good shape and function correctly. Consequently, after you make the purchase of a website, like in the examples above you will have the choice of what level of maintenance you would like us (or someone else) to conduct on your property, if any at all.

What we recommend as a bare minimum is:

  1. Having a hard and a cloud backup of your files in case of a successful hacking attempt.
  2. Ongoing security updates as a hacking prevention mechanism.
  3. At least some level of ongoing SEO work to keep your site high up in search results.

You can check out some of our website maintenance services here:


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