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Hackers break into websites all the time in attempts to steal data to use to their own ends. They may take lists of email addresses and/or logins to spam them, or use them to spam others. As a result of this google will quickly blacklist your website. They can also encrypt all the information on the website, and attempt to sell you the decryption key. This is called ransomware, and a lot of people end up paying to get their files back which are frequently the results of many years of work. Furthermore, some hackers will break in and corrupt or defame a website just for the fun/experience of it. Therefore, we have developed a standard approach to maintaining and updating website security, coupled with backup/restore options.

Firstly, we employ a number of leading internet security companies to keep all of our clients’ websites safe and secure as standard. Saying this, nothing in this world is hack proof – not even ICBM launch codes; as proven by numerous hackers over the last couple of decades!

Secondly, we offer robust back up solutions for those few cases where hackers beat our website security companies. With these in place you will be able to restore everything with the click of a button in the unlikely event of a successful attack on your website.

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