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There are several avenues to create sales funnels. Your website can incorporate special offers, query forms and even sell stuff if you opt for the Ecommerce package. Besides that, links to social media will help spread brand awareness, which will result in sales in the long term.

We will design your website in a way that embodies your brand, it’s products and it’s services. Thus, visitors who are looking for a product or service will begin perceiving that product or service as synonymous with your brand. This moves them further along the sales funnel, and closer to making a purchase decision. Accordingly, the use of special offers can push prospective customers over the edge to make a purchase, and to even come back looking for more good deals! A built in query form can help them get the answers they’re looking for to make a positive decision.

Once they have decided to buy, you want to make buying easy for them to encourage sales. This is why you need a simple, user friendly Ecommerce section of your website. Special offer banners should link straight to their counterpart pages in the online shop, removing customers’ need to look for them. Consequently, you will increase sales by eliminating some of the steps people have to go through to make that purchase.

Gaining a social media follower is like gaining a customer for life. Once they’re your follower you have their attention you can market anything you want to them. This is why we encourage people to like and share on many platforms. It’s done by making it a requirement to like and share your pages in order to avail of your special offers. Like with Ecommerce, we make this easy for your customers with our uniquely designed SM-linked buttons engraved into special offers!

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