1.  Payment terms: 50% in advance, 30% Stage Payment and 20% on completion.

2.  Quote Validity: All website design/ service quotes are valid for 30 DAYS.

3. VAT: All quoted work is exclusive of VAT @23%.

4. Deposit Confirmation: Initial Payment/ Deposit confirms go ahead and start date of project.

5. Testing and Acceptance is given a window of MAX TWO WEEKS, after that charges may occur if reviews/ changes are submitted (delay on client side).

6. The FREE HOSTING YEAR Starts from the Initial Upload of the Website to the Server. Fee hosting year offer only applicable with 24 MONTH CONTRACT provided PAYMENT FOR YEAR TWO is paid in advance.

7. Photography and Stock Images need to be purchased by client –OR- can be supplied to client by First Idea Ltd. at additional cost.

8. Maximum of FOUR DESIGN REVISIONS allowed. Additional charges may apply if design is changed over 50% VISUAL during approval process.

9. Content: All content must be provided by client before staging first draft on demo server. Content must be provided in full during MAX TWO WEEKS from the start date of project. Project launch delays due to NON-AVAILABILITY of content from client, missing launch date may incur additional cost.

10. Cancelled/Abandoned projects incur 75% of project total value.

11. All design assets & code belong to project are owned by FIRSTIDEA LTD. until final payment has been made.

12. Alterations: Alterations of any Deliverables is prohibited without the express permission of FIRSTIDEA. FIRSTIDEA to be given first opportunity to make the required alterations. Unauthorized alterations shall constitute additional use and will be billed accordingly.

13. FIRST IDEA LTD. reserves right to showcase projects, artwork generated for clients in their portfolio on both online and offline media. “Website Design by Firstidea” link will be placed on footer on completed websites, end client must not engage 3rd party to modify or remove this claim.

14. Online Marketing/ SEO is NOT part of website design & development process AND is not included. Internet marketing maybe be required to generate traffic/ sales/ search engine ranking and is charged at monthly cycles.

15. Projects that go outside estimated timelines final payment can be sought before website go live if delay is at the client side.

16. We limit this that if the website is not live within a year, full payment becomes due and account must be settled in full. If the delay is at client side.

17. Hosting services CANCELATION NOTICE must be given in writing by email/ post FOUR WEEKS prior to service renewal data. NON-PAYMENT may result in service disconnection/ permanent deletion of hosted content including website code, design assets, databases, emails.

17.1 RECONNECTION charge of EUR 65 applied if payment is lapsed.


17.3 FAILURE to serve service cancellation notice as outlined (16) will result in AUTO RENEWAL

17.4 Work required for HOSTING MIGRATION to THIRD PARTY is billed at EUR 50 + VAT per hour.

18. Domains must be renewed MONTH prior to service renewal date. NON-PAYMENT may result in domain cancellation.

18.1 DOMAIN TRANSFER request to THIRD PARTY must be submitted in writing by email/ post by AUTHORIZED CONTACT/ DOMAIN ADMIN.

18.2 EPP CODE or DOMAIN TRANSFER AUTORIZATION CODE will only be released if linked account isfully paid for ALL SERVICES rendered by FIRST IDEA LTD not only limited to domain sale.

19. DYNAMIC PROJECTS based on i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Custom Software are covered for SIX MONTHS with warranty limited to functionality signed off by client at the end of project cycle.

20. Website maintenance: Core framework updates, plug-in updates, security, website hack, accidental loss of data, loss of data due to 3rd party is NOT PART OF WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT process.

21. Payment Plan: Monthly payments as agreed per the payment arrangement must be paid on-time. FIRSTIDEA reserves right to CANCEL payment plan agreement and demand payment in full if payment arrangement is not honoured.

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